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When on the 20th December, 2019, the Supreme Court of Nigeria gave a judgement disqualifying me as a candidate for the March 9th, 2019 governorship election, I made it clear that I had accepted that judgement as final, and declared my readiness to lend my support to any of my brothers who would be favored by the final judgement of the Supreme Court pertaining to the governorship election petition. This wasn't because I didn't have my personal reservations with that judgement nor was I ignorant of the chances of applying for a review and the potentials of a possible reversal of that judgement, but because I knew it was time to give peace a chance in my State, and given that my primary inspiration in seeking to govern Imo wasn't for any selfish goals, but was driven by the passion to serve my people and bring my wealth of experience into bear in advancing the prosperity of our people and developing our dear State, as her chief servant.

My team of lawyers actually advised me that the judgement was erroneous, especially, on the basis of been statute barred, having been filed many days after the 14 days window allowed for preelection matters to be instituted. Apart from the need to quell the tension in the State, I also have a lot of respect for the Nigerian judiciary and didn't want anything that would embarrass the revered high temple of justice. Supreme Court decisions are and should remain terminus ad quem.

It is on this note therefore, that I remind my dear brother, Rt Hon. Emeka Ihedioha and all members of the Peoples Democratic Party in the State, to reconsider their decision to seek an endless litigation and media war against our dear State and join hands with the governor, His Excellency Senator Hope Uzodimma, to move our dear State, forward.

Elections come and go, but our State remains our collective heritage. While we may fight during elections, we must be ready to work together for the progress of the State, when elections are over. And I dare remind all of us, that elections are over, the time allowed by our laws for litigations over the 2019 elections has elapsed and it is time to hang the toga of partisanship and wear the robes of statesmanship. We should all realign with Imo, as our political Party, if we truly loved Imo.

It is my prayer everyday, that Imo continues to get better, that our youths especially, continue to access better windows of opportunities for their advancement and the advancement of our dear Imo. God bless Imo State!

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