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Wetin we call dis Video,
"It's going to be a very hard thing to concede," said President Trump

US President, Donald Trump don give condition before e go leave di White House even though e go dey hard for am to agree say Joe Biden win di election.

Dis na di US presidential election results latest update since afta Trump begin drag say im no go accept defeat.

Oga Trump say im go leave di White House if di Electoral College officially confam Joe Biden victory when dem meets next month.

On Thursday, tori pipo ask president Trump weda e go agree to leave di White House if e lost di electoral college vote and e reply say; "Certainly I will, certainly I will and you know dat."

"My concern about di elections for Ghana"
But e also add say "if dem pick [elect Joe Biden], dem make mistake", and suggest say e fit no ever accept defeat.

"E go be very hard thing to concede because we know say big fraud dey di election." President Trump tok.

Di president don bin refuse to accept defeat for di 3 November vote, and tell reporters say e go dey "hard" to concede.

E also repeat im claim of voter fraud wey no get prove once again.

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[US presidential election results]
Joe Biden pass oga Trump with 306 votes to 232 under di electoral college system wey dem dey use take pick US presidents.

Di tally dey far more than di 270 wey Biden need to win, and oga Biden also lead di popular vote by more than six million.

Electors go meet next month to formalise di vote, as Joe Biden dey prepare for im swearing in as president on 20 January but Trump no tok weda e go attend oga Biden inauguration.

Under di US electoral system, voters no dey directly choose di next president. Instead, dem go vote for 538 officials, who dey allocate to American states based on dia population size.

Di electors almost always dey vote for di candidate wey win di most votes for dia states, and although e dey possible for some to disregard di voters' pick but no result don ever changed dis way.

What if Trump no gree leave White House?
US presidential election results: Donald Trump
Wetin we call dis foto,
Donald Trump speak afta e participate for Thanksgiving video teleconference with members of di military.

President Trump and im supporters don file alias lodge plenti-plenti legal challenges ova di election, but most of dem don dey dismissed.

Early dis week, oga Trump finally agree to allow di formal transition to President-elect Biden team to begin, afta several weeks of dragging.

Di decision mean say oga Biden dey able to receive top security briefings and access key goment officials and millions of dollars in funds as e dey prepare to take ova on 20 January.

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