About Us and Our services

Our Vision

To build a platform where Young talents are develop in short term and to move Entertainment Industry to a greater heights.

Our Mission

For the past years, Fizzona Entertainment has been working with major music producers, super Artist, Actors, Celebrities around the globe.
We have endeavored to establish solid working, building, relationship with too entertainment industrial producers, directors, DJs, Writers, Actors, Agents and managers as well as studio development engineers, publicity experts, promoters and marketers.
We are plugged into the press and have developed the keenest of networking and development skills, spending of countless hours in producing melodic studio beats for our customers to ensure proffessionalism.
Recently, we have begun to bring our products (studio beats and entertainment outputs) to your door step inorder to enhance your development and breakthrough in the industry with less stress and affordable (token) price.
We are armed with an excellent reputation and unparalleled access to the industry top talents, and we are in the position to promote, market Albums, Singles, comedy video e.t.c. both online and offline stores to our customers in conjunction with an established, high profile producers and marketers.
Our experience, have serve us well in assembling a quality crew, and ability to work well with both experience and unexperience actors, artist, studio producers, photographer managers, video shooting crew, studio engineers, and good publicity managers, marketers promoters e.t.c.
Lastly, we have good studio that can maximize the proffessionalism of our music instumenter, inorder to compete with biggest celebrities around the globe.Our understanding of the entire music production process has been a great asset to us and entire entertainment industry.

Show Case Your Talent Today

Join fizzona entertainment record label today and build your carrer to the optimun level into the world of music and entertainment industry. We offer greater opporturnity to young and talented youths who are interested and have choosen music and entertainment as a their carrer. Welcome to the home of actualization and dream fulfilment industry. Be a superstar and among the most purpolar celebrity in the world in no distance time. Fizzona entertainment record label is a very competitive and properious enveronment where learning is an everyday agenda. So dream, strive, strike, conquer, become an archiever, show case your talent and actualize your dream. visit our office Today

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we offer wide range of services to the world of entertainment, we are ready to serve you our dear customers
  • entertainment news
  • music promotion (both radio, online and mixtape)
  • shows
  • music production
  • sales of online beat
  • DJ mixtape
  • DJ service to live event
  • photo shop and design
  • comedy
  • vedio production etc.

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